A Note from the Editors

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We, the staff of BlogDailyHerald, are leaving the Herald organization and starting The Blognonian in the hopes of creating a campus blog that better represents and serves our student body.

BlogDailyHerald is a very young publication. Six years ago, we began as a small website run by a few Herald editors. Today, we are a widely-read publication on Brown’s campus with a completely independent writing and editorial staff, and several subsidiaries in our own right. (We’ve gone from publishing posts like this, to posts like this, this, and this).

We believe online publications are well-equipped to embrace the future of journalism—a dynamic future with a focus on multimedia storytelling. We will continue to give you all the content that made Blog a publication you wanted to read, as well as covering even more topics relevant to the entire Brown community. We feel that leaving the Herald will allow us to better do this.

In other words, like anything attuned to its surroundings, we’re evolving.

This transition cannot be discussed without raising the issue of the publication of racist op-eds in the Herald last semester. We condemn those articles. However, this is about more than the events of last semester. Becoming an independent entity has been in the works for years; last semester’s events were a tipping point—a catalyst—to do what had been debated for many semesters. We feel it is integral to the future of our publication that we determine our own ability to comment on campus events, large or small.

A break from the Herald does not absolve us of complicity in any of the issues glaringly present in the Herald organization—and many organizations across campus. Blog has been its own entity, with its own staff and editorial board, for years, and we assume full responsibility for our own shortcomings in terms of diversity of staff and representative content production As The Blognonian, it is our duty to work towards fostering a truly cohesive community, both off- and on-line, and serving as a mirror of an all-encompassing Brown experience.

We are not an explicitly social justice oriented publication, nor do we ever intend to be; there are plenty of campus publications that currently serve that purpose well. However, ethical journalism is inherently geared towards furthering social justice initiatives.

After all is said and done, we are still Blog. We will continue to provide the fun, irreverent content that made us us. But we cannot continue to evolve without complete editorial and creative independence. We hope you come with us.

With love,

Charlotte Bilski ’16 and Deena Butt ’16, editors-in-chief emeritae, and Jacob Koffler ’17, editor-in-chief

We want you to join our team. Whether that means joining our writing staff (recruitment begins now!), remaining a reader or becoming a new one, we want to serve you and your needs. If writing isn’t your thing, check out our applications for our video team. Email photo@blognonian.com to join the photo team, or graphics@blognonian.com to join our graphics team!

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