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This semester my smallest class has a whopping 115 students. Now‚ÄĒvery reasonably, I might add‚ÄĒmy only¬†concern with this fact is: how will I meet and flirt with prospective hookups in such large lectures? Last semester, in my small classes, it was very easy to get to know people. This semester? If I wanted to I could easily go days without speaking to anyone in any of my classes because they’re all so big.

If you’re like me and you’re both¬†taking huge lectures this semester and have no idea how to¬†flirt with your peers, read on:

Step One: Choose an appropriate general location. Don’t you dare sit in the first few rows of your class. Or the middle, honestly. Just sit in the back. Nobody (not the professor, not the other students, not me) wants to be distracted by your flirting.

Note: Suggesting that you sit in the back is in no way encouraging you not to pay attention in lecture. Listening in class is crucial. Studious people are sexy people, amiright?!

Step Two:¬†Sit down next to someone you think is cute. Don’t immediately go and sit with an acquaintance of yours just because it is comforting to see someone you vaguely know in a big class.

Step Three:¬†Ask said cute person a question¬†that you actually have¬†on the material. Don’t let me catch you asking a question you already know the answer to. That’s called Cady Heron-ing. Don’t be Cady Heron (even though, yes, she does get the guy). People can see right through the age-old technique of¬†asking any sort of question just to engage in conversation. A real question, however, is normal and, if your cute selection is a good person, they¬†will try to help you understand what’s going on. Ideally, we want your level of conversation somewhere between:




Step Four:¬†Thank this person for their¬†help. As you’re both¬†bundling up again to brave the cold hard winter¬†(which significantly¬†slows down the time it takes to leave class), continue to engage in conversation. Introduce yourself, ask them their name, grade, concentration, where they live on Brown’s campus, etc. etc.

Step Five:¬†If you think you could actually be interested in this person and especially if there is an¬†assignment/test coming up in your class, it’s easy to say, “Want to exchange numbers so we can ask each other questions about *insert assignment title here*?” Boom. And now you have their number. Science.

Step Six:¬†At your next class, if this person is sitting in the same area as before, reintroduce yourself and sit down next to them again. Continue to ask questions and talk to him or her and, if all goes well, ask them what they’re doing this weekend! If you’ve decided that you’d rather not continue to talk¬†to that person, switch up your seating arrangements (while staying in the back) and repeat steps two through five, but with someone else.

Bonus Step: Talk to people in the small-class aspects of big lectures, such as labs, sections, conferences, problem-solving sessions, etc. It’s like getting around the fact you take so many large classes!

Good luck, lovelies!


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