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The Blognonian is dedicated to sharing content that could be only described as what Capital Cities would consider “good shit.” At the beginning of each week, we hope to brighten your day and/or peak your interests by sharing those online nuggets we here at Blog love. So, without further ado, The Blognonian presents: What We’re Feeling.


On Sunday, Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance cemented the pop star’s status as determined to slay while making a change, while Coldplay’s message was tiredly “universal,” which, in a world of social awareness and activism, equals blandness and reluctance to send a message.  After Beyoncé’s  surprise video drop, her performance, which drew upon the Black Panther movement and 1990’s Michael Jackson, brought recent history to light in the context of the present.

Ted Cruz’s former roommate is reaching “Twitter celebrity” status as he tells all in an Ask-Me-Anything style Q&A. Apparently, Ted was loathed by the rest of his dorm during his years at Princeton. Some highlights included, “the Game of Thrones pilot was salvageable. Ted is not,” and Ted’s worst quality: “His voice.”


Ina Garten, queen of all media, and perhaps the most interesting person in the culinary world, doesn’t believe in making goals. (For a self-taught chef who opened her first restaurant on a whim after leaving a White House job, I’m not too surprised). In this interview, the Barefoot Contessa talks about complicating professional with personal life, leaving real estate for food, and what it’s like to leave your twenties. Just make sure you use the good vanilla.

In the podcast world, the members of Chvrches talk about the music that impacted their lives, five years at a time. Meanwhile, The New York Times has just begun their Modern Love podcast, in which familiar voices (Sarah Paulson, Judd Apatow, Jason Alexander) read popular Modern Love essays to bring them to life.


RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres its eighth season on March 7th on LogoTV, and this season features local Laila McQueen, who hails from Gloucester, Massachusetts, and is a familiar name on the Providence/Boston club scene. Expect to see her perform downtown in the upcoming months as the reality competition plays out.

If you’re looking for little known jams, check out Dalton’s Wish by Sports, Pasadena by Donnie Trumpet feat. Vic Mensa, and Born Too Late by Dent May.

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