The List Art Center Staircase Scavenger Hunt!


Maybe you stumbled into the List Art Center’s staircase because you wanted a dope background for your next profile picture. Maybe you just couldn’t wait for the slow elevators. Maybe you got lost looking for the bathroom. Or maybe you were cooling down after a lecture in one of the permanently overheated classrooms. Regardless of how you ended up there, one thing’s for sure: the List Art Center’s staircase is the coolest of its kind on Brown’s campus.

Absolutely overflowing with all sorts of art, the stairs are a perfect setting for a scavenger hunt, which, lucky for you, we’ve created. See if you can find everything below!

  1. “There’s a rumor going around at work that I’m dying.”
  2. This “We Are Artsy Too” seal:IMG_9054-2-225x300
  3. This cool looking sun:IMG_9087 2
  4. An apology for not being able to draw
  5. Something you could probably find on Tumblr
  6. A part of a sad love story
  7. Organic chemistry
  8. Someone’s existential crisis
  9. This corner of birds:IMG_9088 2
  10.  “I love you” (7x)
  11.  2 prom-posals and 1 formal proposal
  12. “What makes you happy? Anarchy.”
  13. This crazy looking skeleton:IMG_9090 2
  14. A piece of aluminum foil taped to the wall
  15. Anything pertaining to the human condition
  16. The RISD logo
  17. “Does this smell like chloroform?”
  18. This testament to commitment: IMG_9091 2
  19. A Texan flag (2x)
  20. Something in an impossible-to-reach place
  21. An outdated Brown University reference
  22. “You’re standing in piss.”
  23. Alice in Wonderland-themed funIMG_9093 3
  24. A cat drawing (6x)
  25. “It’s not the size of your heart, it’s how well you cook it.”
  26. A subway scene
  27. Handprints
  28. A Cute Little HouseIMG_9094 2
  29. A four-legged octopus
  30. A sad-looking cube
  31. Illuminati references (as many as possible)
  32. Giraffe (3x)
  33. This elephant congo line:IMG_9096
  34. The Sun (4x)
  35. “Think of the pasta-bilities”
  36. Song lyrics
  37. Some humans half-in the wallIMG_9099 2
  38. 2 Portraits of 2 different dogs
  39. References to sleep (as many as possible)
  40. “Shane Jones” (13x)
  41. “By reading this sign you declare that I am the most successful artist in the world.” IMG_9095
  42. Tape dispensers glued onto the wall
  43. **1 thing in 2 different places**
  44. An inspirational quote
  45. 17 different versions of the “Name ‘Class Year” format
  46. These ceramic footprints on the ceiling:IMG_9100 2
  47. An apology (bonus point if the apology is to an ex)
  48. “These are a combination of poorly written words that you’ve just spent time leaning down to read. How do you feel now that you’ve wasted your time?”
  49. Something in a foreign or made up language
  50. This masterpiece:IMG_9092 2


Congrats! You’ve finished the scavenger hunt. You win absolutely nothing (sorry), but you can now consider yourself an (un)official List staircase expert.

Images via, via Claire Pang ’19.

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