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Welcome to Bruno’s Bar, your ultimate guide to preparing and serving a wide variety of delicious alcoholic confections that are guaranteed to spice up your typical collegiate pregame event. Featured on today’s issue is a fun spin on a classic crowd pleaser that is sure to liven up any dorm party—or at least provide a generally more pleasant alternative to pounding down shots of some unknown clear liquor from a plastic bottle.

Sangria: The Crown Rousse Twist

Wine lovers rejoice! Finally, a drink with all the full bodied taste of cheap red wine. This twist on the classic party beverage is guaranteed to add a taste of Spanish flair to any bland fiesta without breaking the bank in the process. The recipe calls for generous portions, so make sure you have an empty gallon jug handy.

Ingredients and Preparation:

  1. Chopped Fruit: Traditional renditions of Sangria often include a mixture of apples and oranges, both of which can be easily obtained from the Ratty (I didn’t suggest that…). Slice those suckers into small pieces and lightly muddle (or crush) them to let their flavor seep out into the drink. (Note: keeping the rinds on the oranges adds a nice zest to the drink and adds some classy garnish. A total win-win.) For the laziest, a handful of fruit cups from CVS should suffice. Place these chopped delights in whatever empty receptacle you’ve set aside for your mixological experiment.
  2. Wine: A staple ingredient of every Sangria recipe. Procure a large (preferably cheap) bottle of red wine from your nearest liquor store (unsurprisingly, Campus Fine Wines has an amazing selection to choose from). A bottle of Lab Cabarnet comes highly recommended since it’s surprisingly flavorful despite its low price tag of $11 per 1.5 L bottle.
  3. Sprite (or Club Soda): Far from being a specialty item, Sprite can be found at almost any convenience or grocery store. Or vending machine. Seriously, it’s everywhere. My personal preference: Sprite Zero. Add some directly into the wine and mix well. Taste and add more Sprite to your liking.
  4. Vodka (Crown Rousse Optional): Wine or vodka? Por qué no los dos? Pour vodka into the mix and give your awesome sangria an extra kick with none of the usual bite.
Bartending Pro Tip: When pouring out a glass of red wine, make sure a good portion of it sloshes right out of the glass and onto the ground. Nothing says “classy” quite like a dorm covered in wine stains.

Not a fan of red wine? No problem. Simply replace the vino tinto with your favorite moscato/white wine and use gin instead of vodka for an equally delicious alternative.

White Wine Sangria

Remember to drink responsibly and happy mixing!

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