Ben Schreckinger ’12 of Politico gets denied access at Trump rally


Last night, Ben Schreckinger ’12, former EIC and President of the Brown Daily Herald, was barred from entering a Donald Trump press conference, “despite having previously been granted credentials by the campaign.” Last week, officials from Trump’s campaign threatened to bar Politco from their event. After receiving a confirmation for access Tuesday morning, Sckreckinger was denied access in another email . . . sent ten minutes later.

Schreckinger has been covering Trump’s campaign for some time now. He co-wrote a lengthy report taking a look behind the scenes of the decision for Trump to fire his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, published yesterday morning. Lewandowski was recently accused of manhandling a reporter, and the article is quick to point out “that the intense, Red Bull-chugging operative has been accused of bullying and other inappropriate behavior.” Forgiving some one line zingers, Schreckinger’s Trump coverage has been surprisingly even-handed for a Brown alumnus covering a man who is so readily mockable.

While Politico is in good company when it comes to publications who’ve been given the boot in the wake of Trump flavored criticism (Buzzfeed, Mother Jones, HuffPo, National Review etc.), editor Susan Glasser commented:

I’m saddened by the personal nature of the Trump campaign’s attack on an excellent reporter, Ben Schreckinger. The campaign provided no explanation for barring our reporter from Donald Trump’s speech tonight. If this is the response to honest, fair, and sometimes critical reporting – like today’s piece on Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski — it certainly will not intimidate POLITICO as we cover the campaign in the days ahead.

Schreckinger, on the other hand, seems to have not missed a beat. In fact, one might even infer that he’s enjoying this.


If Donald Trump’s campaign has the time to block every reporter that does their job irks him, we’re excited to see what he’ll do when he catches this video from the Brown alumni in Rad Motel. And don’t worry, Ben, back at Brown we’re more proud of you than ever.

To catch up on Ben Schreckinger’s coverage, click here for his recent stories, and follow this link to read the original article on Politico.

Image via Jokichi Matsubara ’18, and via Ben Schreckinger’s Twitter.

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