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Perhaps one of the most unifying (and widely hated) experiences at Brown is the housing lottery. Many debate as to whether the lottery really is as big a deal as we all make it or if it’s just greatly exaggerated. Still, there is one thing we can all agree on: the housing lottery isn’t fun. It could be painful or painless, it could take hours of prep or minutes, and it could give you great relief or great sorrow, but it will never be something anyone says they’re particularly excited for. Let’s change that. With that in mind, I present to you Blog’s Housing Lottery Drinking Game.

Let’s Start With the Basics

For starters, take a shot for all the fallen homies that have ever lived or ever will live in Perkins.

Now take a shot if you remember—or lived during—the time when the lottery was a physical thing you “went into.” I think it was in Sayles? There were boards involved? I’m not sure, I’m young, so….

Drink every time someone compares the lottery to The Hunger Games.

Take a shot if gathering your housing group was a total mess. Bonus points (extra shotif your housing group leader ever made a joke about screwing you and your group-mates over when it’s time to actually pick. One more shot if you were one of the kids that posted on Facebook about housing.

Drink if going abroad (whether it was you or your group-mates) messed up your game.

Shot for all the bastards that took RPLing, program-housing, and frats/sororities as a way out. (Brave and smart or weak and evil? You decide.)

When it Actually Goes Down. (Picking Rooms)

Drink every time a room you want gets taken.

Drink every time someone jokes about summer assignment.

Take a shot for every building that fills up.

Drink every time someone says they just want a single on Wriston.

Take a shot every time you hear people down the hall screaming in a congratulatory manner.

When It’s All Said and Done. (The Results)

Take a shot for having gone through it–congratulations!

Finish your drink if you got put in summer assignment.

If you ended up in the room you wanted: first of all, I hate you. Second of all, TOAST and take a shot!

Drink if you ended up with one of your top 3 choices.

Take a shot if you ended up with your last choice.

There you have it! Turn up for the Housing Lottery and let us know how it went. 

P.S. This drinking game is obviously not feasible. Pick and choose which parts you would like to adhere to and happy Spring Week!

Image via Jokichi Matsubara ’18.

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One response to “Housing Lottery Drinking Game

  1. Housing Lottery isn’t a physical thing you “go into” anymore?? THE DAYS OF THE SAYLES PAIN MARKET ARE OVER?! *does several celebratory but also indignant shots*

    Can’t believe they finally got rid of that — though obviously whatever they replaced it with isn’t much better, judging by this drinking game ;). The rules seem to be about the same. Except for “take fifty shots and writhe on the floor in misery if you had a great number, and your dream room was still available, but you couldn’t elbow your way through the crowd in Sayles fast enough and the person running the lottery marked you as ‘no show’ to thunderous applause”!

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