Confessions From the Career Fair

Jackson and Judson

Last week, over a thousand students filtered in and out of Sayles Hall for four days of career and tech fairs.

The event is lucrative for everyone involved. Employers pay anywhere between $1000 (start ups and individuals) and $25,000 (Adobe and Google) to gain access to Brown’s very own prospective corporate slaves employees, while students take home contact info and possibly job interviews—not to mention plastic bags filled with company branded swag.

This year I had the opportunity to man one of these booths. Like the other startups and tech companies we proudly displayed huge logos, handed out goodies, talked to students about our work, and took resumes… but there was a catch.


The company I represented, Mako Solution’s Ltd., was unlike any of the other firms there that day. They have no website, and you won’t find their job listings on LinkedIn or even the campus job board. On top of all this, it’s near impossible to get an offer from them.

Mako Solutions at the career fair.

That’s because the company doesn’t exist. I made it up.

With the help of a couple of friends, some basic Adobe Illustrator skills, a sophomore willing to do improv, and the authority that comes with carrying a big camera, we were able to sneak into day one of the Tech Fair and commandeer a table from a company that didn’t show up.

We used buzzwords, passed out flyers, and even received 20 resumes. Still, what resulted is best summarized in the video below.

Brown University Students Set Up Fake Tech Company from Blognonian on Vimeo.

This endeavor would be impossible to do alone. Huge thanks to Manny Dallas ’18 and Erik Danie ’18, for help setting up the table and creating the flyer we gave students; Adam Hersko-Ronatas ’18, Jokichi Matsubara ’18, and Hannah Dylan Pasternak ’17 for video help; and a tremendous terrific thank you to Judson Ellis ’19 for representing our company well.

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