We love you, Russell Carey

snowball fight 1

Bailey Driscoll ’20, Sophia Volpe ’20, and Elise Dadourian ’20, participating in today’s campus snowball fight.

Conditions outside aren’t optimal: it’s cold enough and wet enough for your eyelashes to freeze together (trust me, it’s possible), there’s almost zero visibility, the wind stings terribly, and at one point we even heard some¬†thundersnow. Nevertheless,¬†Brunonians braved the blizzard this afternoon and headed to the Main Green to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures: a snowball fight.

Organized through a Facebook event, many students clicked “going.” But when I headed over, I expected not to find anyone, especially because¬†everything farther than five feet from me was a white abyss. But around 30 students were playing on the wintery green, bundled up in their best winter gear, making snowballs and chasing each other with them.

snowball fight 2

Meanwhile, on Ruth Simmons, a group of students were sledding down the quad’s slope using a cafeteria tray (which begs the question: is the Ratty or V-Dub short one piece of equipment?). And back at my dorm, my suitemate, Marco Hanna ‘17.5, said he’d just seen someone skiing.

One thing’s for sure: Brunonians love to get in touch with their inner kid and go frolic in the snow. And the fact that classes are cancelled isn’t too shabby, either…

Images via Meghan Friedmann ’17.

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