Phi Kappa Beta inducts 34 members of the class of 2018


The prestigious honor society, Phi Kappa Beta, has just announced the inducted Brown juniors for 2017. The organization is the oldest honor society in the United States, with the Brown chapter in its 187th year. Phi Kappa Beta admits students on the basis of their academic record, requiring that they receive at least 18 A’s or S*’s in at least twenty classes over their first five semesters. In April and May, similar inductions will occur for seniors and transfer seniors, respectively. Without further ado, here are the new members:

Katherine Chin

Greer Maren Christensen-Gibbons

Katherine Ayako Chu

Cassandra Eileen Cole

Emanuel Rubin Dallas

Anthony John DeRita

Joshua David Fishman

Devon Rosser Halliday

Timothy John Ittner

Isaac Elijah Kim Jr.

Joshua Daniel Kirschenbaum

Williams Hans Klimpert

Jacob Laden-Guindon

Sebastian Jarek Lucek

Katherine Lauren Magee

Hannah Gabriella Maier-Katkin

Azeem A. Malik

Isabel Giovanna Martin

William Duncan Martinson

Alexander Jay Mezoff

Christopher J. S. Monschauer

Minoshka Anantha Narayan

Katelynn Pan

Aarish Amyn Rojiani

Xiao Qing Rui

Kathryn Rose Samp

Sean Segal

Yanqing Shen

Sachit Singal

Emily Sun

Morgan Bruce DeWitt Talbot

Ansel Sullivan Hereford Vahle

Nathan Dante Vanelli

Isabelle Jane Williams

Congratulations, new members! We’ll see you all in the library.

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