Mid-Semester Angst


We’re a bit past the middle of the semester, which means that many of us are swimming through a swamp of schoolwork: exams, midterms, and, for seniors, thesis due dates, which are barreling towards us at full speed. On top of all this, everyday difficulties don’t let up—like constantly needing to choose between the Ratty and the V-dub.

That’s why we made a playlist that feels your angst. It’s got everything from the really angry (see: “Bad Karma” by Ida Maria) to the really sad (see: “Landfill” by Daughter), from the sassy (see: “Evil” by PHOX) to the serious (see: “Miss Misery” by Elliott Smith). There are classics, like Blink-182’s “All the Small Things,” and songs that only came out in the past couple of years, like Slow Hollows’ “Again.” But in each song there is some form of angst. We hope you relish it!


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