This London-based electronic music duo is about to grace the Spring Weekend stage, and you should be excited. AlunaGeorge is composed of vocalist/songwriter Aluna Francis and instrumentalist/producer George Reid. The two have been making music together since 2009, when George remixed the song “Sweetheart” by Aluna’s previous musical group, My Toys Like Me. The duo released their first studio album, Body Music, in 2013 and released their second album, I Remember, in 2016 after signing with Interscope Records.


AlunaGeorge’s music is difficult to pin down, genre-wise. The group employs vivacious percussion and “advanced minimalistic polyrhythmic beats,” coupled with electronic instrumentals that can best be described as futuristic pop. George has explained that his often-simplistic compositions stem from his awareness that many producers “get lost in the software,” an easy trap that keeps the song from “carrying” themselves. While their whole discography is varied in style and tone, there are noticeable influences from R&B, experimental hip-hop, and dub-step. The duo cites inspiration from Destiny’s Child, Lil Wayne, Flying Lotus, Chris Clark, Hudson Mohawke, and Mariah Carey.

AlunaGeorge’s best-known single is the DJ Snake remix of their debut single, “You Know You Like It.” You may not have heard of  this song, but you have almost definitely heard it; the remix was a sleeper hit that peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and went double platinum over a year after the original single was released. Their other biggest songs are “Not Above Love,” “Mean What I Mean,” and “I’m In Control.”


When AlunaGeorge takes the stage after Cherry Glazerr and before Erykah Badu on the Saturday of Spring Weekend, expect things to get dance-y fast. Their songs are infectious and soulful, driven by pounding bass lines and Aluna’s characteristic child-like vocals. We don’t know if electro-hip-hop is your cup of tea or not, but we can guarantee that when AlunaGeorge starts their set, people are going to be moving.


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