Cherry Glazerr


Featured next in our 12 Days of Spring Weekend is Cherry Glazerr! This trio is sure to provide the perfect soundtrack to your Day Two of Spring Weekend with their bad-ass indie rock (or as Wikipedia fondly describes it, “noise pop”). Hailing from the great land of Los Angeles, California, Cherry Glazerr is comprised of Clementine Creevy (who started the band at the ripe age of 15), Sasami Ashworth, and Tabor Allen. The band’s name comes from radio host Chery Glaser who has, as a matter of fact, interviewed them.

Their music has won over the love and affection of Pitchfork which writes, “Cherry Glazerr promises to make you remember how awesome a sick riff can be, how nostalgia can be captured in a single shred.” The article even compares the band to Cherie Curie of the Runways; apparently, Cherry Glazerr is “a 2017 version of the same energy, one that is sexy, juvenile, catchy, and above all, simply great rock’n’roll.” Cherry Glazerr has even captured the heart of Saint Laurent’s ex-creative director, Hedi Slimane, who made Creevy a model, muse, and the soundtrack for his film and a Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear show. And if you still aren’t impressed, she also has been performing in the Amazon series, Transparent.


As for the music you should study up on before the show? Check out their latest album, Apocalipstick. Their track, “Told You I’d Be with the Guys” is slick and fierce, and you’ll be sure to catch yourself yelling along with the lyrics and shivering from the sick guitar riffs. My personal favorite, “Had Ten Dollaz” is equally as fun, but with less of the melancholiness of “Told You I’d Be with the Guys,” leaving you to revel in your own bad-assery. You can get bonus points and a cookie (ed’s note: we are not liable for giving you either) for checking out their 2014 album, Haxel Princess.

So when they take the stage on Saturday, get ready to have an amazing time (and perhaps a sore neck from all the head banging you’re going to do).

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