How to maximize your comfort in class

comfort in class

Let’s face it: one of the biggest obstacles to sitting through a class is discomfort. Where should I put my elbow? Is it brushing up against the random stranger sitting next to me? I need to stretch my legs, but how to go about it? That’s why we’re bringing you this *super practical* post about maximizing your comfort in class, depending on which building you’re in.

You can thank our amazing comfort specialists Claire Pang ’19 and Ella Comberg ’20 for this guide. And so, without further ado: C Pang and E Combie in the hiz house to drop some truth bombs!

List Art Center


What it lacks in first floor bathrooms and its inability to turn off the heater in April (@Facilities, plz bb), List Art Center makes up for with tons of space. That means you can really spread out your things on this lovely piece of real estate. If there are empty seats in lecture, they are there for your personal comfort and nothing else. Take up six spots—you, your backpack, laptop, two different water bottles, banana, and coffee. Let’s be real: you all deserve it.

Barus and Holley: Tanner Auditorium 166


With lush velvet emerald seats that sport numerous Blue Room iced coffee foie gras stains, Tanner Auditorium (B&H 166) will have you feeling like Richie Rich (90s kids will remember, am I right?). Grab a cheese plate (à la BUDS or the kind they sometimes leave in the Rock lobby), some charcuterie, and maybe even a glass of Merlot to make B&H your own personal chateau.



We have all felt that sinking feeling that comes from knowing we’re just obstacles in the way of someone trying to get a decent Principles of Econ education. That said, to really maximize your comfort in Salomon, make yourself as small as possible. (Or, just forget all those people trying to learn and become the sun. There is no middle ground. These are the only options.)



A great way to start your day is to roll up to Wilson five minutes late, push through cramped rows of desks, knock over as much stuff as possible en route to your seat, maybe even fall in someone’s lap, and really just make yourself at home for the next 45 minutes. Luckily, we’ve got an alternative to this uncomfy situation: never set foot inside Wilson. If you have a course in Wilson next fall, opt to sit outside, roll around in the grass like a dog, and maybe try to listen to your professor through the window. Make a beach day of it!



Macmillan’s seats are laid out in such a way that the only way to truly maximize comfort is to drape your legs in whatever way feels most natural over the seat in front of you. Someone’s sitting there? Casually wrap your legs around their shoulders. Let them rest there for as long as you see fit. Just remember: they need human contact just as much as you do.

Images via Claire Pang ’19 and Ella Comberg ’20.

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