Review: Skorts Breaks a Leg


This weekend, Skorts, Brown University’s first and only all-female musical sketch comedy troupe, put on a collection of sketches titled “Skorts Breaks A Leg.” Overall, the show was definitely funny. It was creative. It was…surprisingly meta; multiple sketches broke the fourth wall, which was sometimes highly amusing (and sometimes less so). For the most part, the group’s strength lay in the writing itself, which was consistently clever, rather the acting, which was occasionally overdone. However, there were definitely exceptions—standouts included Jenny Greener ’20 in “Ghost Stories” as Juniper, a girl who wasn’t quite as into ghost stories as her friends were, and Sarah Master ’17 as an emo yoga teacher. With her hair completely covering her face, Master monotonously led her students through various stretches, my favorites being “stretch onto [your] stomachs into a Cobra Starship” and then “go back to an All Time Low.” The session ended with a reflective 30 Seconds…to Mars and a group cry.




The show also included appearances from the Baudelaire orphans and Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortunate Events, Hillary Clinton (newly one with nature), a socially just but overly aggressive Orbit gum commercial woman, the ghost of an anti-Bernie Sanders grandmother, an artistically misunderstood middle-school theater director, and Guy Fieri’s more stoned and less successful cousin, “High Fieri.”



One highlight was an original, menstruation-themed take on the classic Jonas Brothers song “S.O.S,” starring Megan Pope ’18, who wailed lines such as “This is an S.O.S. I’m on PMS,” and “I’m horny too but I can’t find a dick to grab, won’t anybody tap my ass?!” The song ended in a beautiful harmonization of the singers’ realization that they’d better “Go buy some paaaaads…”



I also thoroughly enjoyed the mini-performance of Hamilton, written by someone who had never seen it. The sketch hilariously summed up my own knowledge about the musical and, I imagine, many other audience members’ as well.

Finally, the scene of the New York City Ballet auditions featuring an actor wearing a tutu, a horse head, and hooves had me laughing uncontrollably.






Overall, with the help of President Kayla Kirk ’19, Vice President Sam Crausman ’19, Head Writer Ali Murray ’18, and Production Mangers Jenny Greener ’20 and Sarah Master ’17, Skorts put on quite the entertaining production. I appreciated that the show boasted nods to pop culture but didn’t try too hard, as it also focused on completely random but humorous elements of life, such as the fact that Florida is a “crazy fucking state.” The costumes, provided by Shakespeare on the Green and Production Workshop, were fabulous—especially Count Olaf’s and Alexander Hamilton’s. The tech was also great, with short clips of music between scenes that subtly related to the content of each sketch. According to the program, Satan was responsible for tech, so, uh, thanks, Satan and great job, Skorts!


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