Sophomore Dorms: Cheat Sheet

Lottery Balls

Forget the Common App, registration and even finals, the housing lottery is the first significant test of your intelligence that Brown throws your way. Hopefully, you’ve figured out your lottery number. But you’re still not totally certain which dorms you should be trying to get: Barbour or Hope? What’s worse – Perkins or Grad Center? And how are you supposed to choose in 2 minutes??


Honestly, I think that Barbour is overhyped. Some of the 4-person suites are tiny. Unless you really hit the jackpot and get one of the huge suites with singles (in which case, yes, it is the best sophomore housing), here are some things to consider:

  • Suite living means that you’re actually expected to clean your own kitchen and bathroom. If you don’t want to clean your own kitchen and bathroom, don’t live in a suite.
  • Private bathroom and kitchen is pretty cool though.
  • Barbour is one block away from Perkins. It is the SAME distance from campus as Perkins.

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Wriston Quad/ Patriots Court: Chapin/ Diman/ Marcy/ Goddard/ Harkness/ Olney/ Sears

These are probably the prime spots for sophomores to live. The location is perfectly within walking distance to the Ratty and the Main Green, plus Wriston Quad is filled with other sophomores, so its a real social scene. The top floor suites of most of these dorms are amazingly big, and most of the doubles are pretty roomy. If you’re an independent, I wouldn’t worry too much about the program houses – they don’t usually have a huge impact on the dorms, although generally speaking, the sororities are a little cleaner than the frats. However, if you want a quiet, calm place to live, Wriston might not be for you (especially on the weekends).


A Wriston-esque location and vibe, with slightly smaller rooms. But there is a weirdly big basement that can be used for ~social gatherings~.


Don’t be fooled by its reputation as a former hotel – the rooms are not as luxurious as you would expect, since they have not been renovated. However, the triples and the occasional quad (with private bathrooms) are nice and big. Plus, Minden is in a prime location, especially if you love the Sci Li as much as I do.

Grad Center

People get excited over Grad Center singles, for understandable reasons. If you’re dying to have a room to yourself and you didn’t get a great lottery number, Grad Center is basically your only option. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Proximity to the Bear’s Lair gym means that you really don’t have any excuse to not work out (actually, Bear’s Lair is disgusting, so you still have a pretty good excuse).
  • You can have a suite of 8 with your friends, BUT the only common space you’ll have is a hallway.
  • How much you like Grad Center really depends on how much you value a single (but keep in mind, those rooms are not that big).
Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 23.45.46
Home sweet home…


The rooms aren’t too big, but Hope makes up for this with its amazing location. Living on the Main Green can even make 9 a.m. classes suddenly seem a little less daunting. Honestly, if you live in Hope, what can’t you do?


Littlefield is pretty off the radar (I’m honestly not entirely sure where it is and I don’t know anyone who lives there). I just looked it up on the map, and it actually seems to be in a pretty decent location, which is probably why it was out of the question for me last year since I had a terrible lottery number (and, no, I’m not still bitter about it).

New Pembroke

The location isn’t bad, and you may even feel at home if you lived on Pembroke this year. Living near Andrews, CVS and the VDubb is truly a blessing. A lot of athletes choose to live in New Pembroke, since it’s the sophomore dorm closest to the Nelson. So, if you like working out, or you like people who like working out, New Pembroke is something to consider.

However, I’ve heard that since the dorm is riotproof, it’s kind of hard to socialize.


Lets be real, the social stigma attached to living in Perkins means that the only way you’ll end up here is if you got destroyed by the housing lottery. But I’m here to tell you all the totally unbiased (okay so maybe I live here) reasons why Perkins is not THAT bad:

  • It was recently renovated. The bathrooms are new and the floors are clean. There are no insects or mold or weird smells, which is more than I can say for a few dorms *cough Diman cough Minden cough*
  • It’s FAR but this means that you get in amazing shape (honestly, goodbye Freshman 15) and you’re never late to anything because you factor a good 20 mins walking time into your daily routine.
  • The rooms (all doubles) are pretty small. But they come with individual closets!


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