What Cheer? Brigade


Back in March, the Spring Weekend release party was madness. People crowded together in Whiskey Republic, vying to catch a glimpse of the artists who would be performing this year. Everyone was dying to know if their favorite rumor would be confirmed. Was Mura Masa coming? Sadly, no. Was the Young Thug leak real? 100% yes.

My fellow blogger and I were tasked with live tweeting the event. I was definitely not in the best state to be responsible for this essential coverage, as evidenced by my tweeting “Empress of?” “Empress of what?” and retweeting the same artist in all caps a few times. Anyways. Back to what matters.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.08.05 PM

I, along with many others, let out a deep sigh of relief when I saw my favorite 20-piece brass band: What Cheer? Brigade. 

In their own words, the group “requires no amplification, proving that great parties need no electricity.” You can check out their Bandcamp page here. (I know you are dying to do this).

I could tell you that What Cheer? is the only group which doesn’t perform on a physical stage. Instead, they gather around Sayles in a gorgeous, amorphous blob and invite us to surround them.

I could tell you how the New York Times once described the group as “Thrillingly competent.”

I could also explain how the performers wear incredible outfits and have hilarious nicknames like “Chop Chop the Chimp,” who is now known as “Dead Chop Chop” (RIP).

But I will leave you with just five words: Brass. Bands. Are. Super. Underrated.

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