Tips for SW from a person who experienced it sober


I am someone who experienced Spring Weekend completely sober last year, so unlike you, I remember everything that happened. Here are some do’s and don’ts based off of what I observed.

  1. Try to actually go to all/as many of the performances as possible. Tinashe was my favorite hired performer last year and not enough people went.
  2. Don’t push to the front of the stage unless you are fully prepared to stay there ALL night. I’m serious, it’s cut throat. No one is budging for you.crowd
  3. Its a marathon, not a sprint. The people who shined like magical unicorns the first night could not, and did not, maintain their level of SW hype through out the weekend.
  4. Take naps!
  5. Drink Water!1421965621317
  6. Try to stay in a group.
  7. No offense to all of the performers booked, but I stand by my belief that Dave Binder is the best experience of the entire weekend.
  8. Do not pee anywhere on the Main Green. I get it, you REALLY have to go, you’re drunk, the porta potty line is longer than the Vdubb egg line at 9:00 a.m., and you are slightly afraid. It doesn’t matter if this seems like this is your only option, just don’t do it. Everyone can see you.
  9. The food trucks parked by the back of the Main Green are to be taken advantage of.
  10. People are dressed surprisingly casually all weekend, so don’t stress about getting anything new or creative if you don’t want to.
  11.  Kiss goodbye to whatever shoes you wear to Young Thug. They’re going to be SO gross.images
  12. Don’t try to make small talk in the mosh pit in front of the stage. I tried and no one was amused.
  13. In regards to make up, less is more. People sweat an impressive amount at these concerts and I saw some mascara on foreheads and sparkly eyeshadow on chins by the end of the night.


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