What Your Summer Says About You

text summer camp written with chalk on a chalkboard, and some chalk sticks of different colors

What’s great about summer is that it’s the perfect time to explore our passions. But, did you know that it has been scientifically proven that our summers reveal more than our interests? (Editor’s note: This claim is false; none of what you will be reading below has ever been scientifically proven.) In fact, our summers actually reveal the deepest, darkest parts of our personalities. Forget horoscopes, keep reading to go on your own journey of personal exploration.


You: Worked at a camp. 

  • You can never hang out because you’re watching “Wet Hot American Summer” to relive your summer.
  • You’re really, really good at making friendship bracelets.
  • You secretly wish it was acceptable to keep your keys on a lanyard.
  • You’re good at horseback riding. Even if you’ve never been horseback riding, I guarantee you’re good at it.



You: Had an internship in finance or consulting.

  • You consistently lock out your roommates to do video interviews and “catch-ups” with people.
  • You have friends and/or a significant other who “actually really like SoulCycle.”
  • You add people on LinkedIn before you add them on Facebook.
  • You drink a lot.



You: Worked at a non-profit.

  • You’re a Libra.
  • You wear mom jeans and/or turtlenecks on a consistent basis.
  • You watched a lot of PBS as a kid, and weren’t allowed to watch Spongebob until age 10.
  • You’ve tried journaling at least once.


US Capitol dome viewed from steps of ceremonial entrance to the US Senate chambers.

You: Had an internship in government. 

  • You have plans to go/ are going/ had plans to go to law school.
  • You feel superior when freshmen think the Watson is the political science department building.
  • You feel even more superior when you can direct people to Prospect and Blistein.
  • You have a particular affinity for the Blue Room (perhaps, it’s due to all the tabling you do for whatever politics oriented club you’re a part of).



You: Traveled.

  • Your Instagram or Facebook (if social media isn’t your “thing”) page is filled with jealousy-inducing pictures of mountains and lakes and other nature-y stuff.
  • You own many pairs of athletic sandals.
  • You’re the reason why my neighbors think of Brown as “that hippie school.”
  • You’re probably pescatarian.


VCW_D_SiliconValley_Hero_20140708_Google_19 copy-1280x642_0

You: Had an internship in technology. 

  • You cry in the CIT frequently.
  • You don’t maintain a normal sleep schedule during the year—you should try to adjust because your parents are genuinely worried about you.
  • You feel #blessed that you get to go to the annual Tech Career Fair and don’t buy t-shirts, mugs, or pens anymore.
  • You’ve figured out a way to cut the pho line at Andrews.


Scientist using a microscope

You: Did research.

  • You’re excellent at avoiding questions about your future at family functions.
  • Your parents are decently well-adjusted adults.
  • You argue with ResLife more frequently than the average Brown student.
  • You like to tell people that you “get off the hill.”

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