Off campus life: Parties to host this fall

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Hawaiian, toga, athletes and mathletes—these are some classic college party themes. But what if you know some leis or inventively wrapped sheets aren’t enough to solidify your party-hosting reputation? Spice up your parties and impress all your extremely cool guests with some new themes, such as these:


V for Vendetta Murder Mystery Dinner Party

When: Saturday, November 4

What: Have you ever played Mafia? Think Mafia, but instead of members of the mob, someone plays V and someone else Evey—they decide who to kill in the night. Someone else plays Detective Finch, trying to uncover V’s identity. Drinks are anything that starts with a V and tea because it’s set in London. Wear Guy Fawkes masks, etc.


V for Vendetta


Kick the Can

When: Whenever

Where: Any green on campus! Or building? You don’t even have to live off campus to host this one!

What: You can find the rules anywhere online, like here, here, and here


Kick the Can



Compound Word PartyCompound Word

When: Whenever

What: Come in pairs dressed up as the two parts of a compound word. For example: a wallflower, with one person dressed as a wall and the other as a flower, or a potbelly, with one person as a pot and the other a belly, etc.

A Twist: Make it a matchmaking party by assigning each person a portion of a word in their invitation and making them dress up and find their partner. With every couple made, the rest of the party-goers take a shot.



Britney Spears Birthday Party

When: December 2

What: Everyone comes dressed as their favorite Britney. Provide themed decorations, such as razors, umbrellas, coffee, babies, microphones, and pompoms.




Housewarming Party

When: The first week of classes

Where: Your off campus dwelling

What: Tell people to wear their pearls and dress nicely. Invite your new neighbors. Sign up for a Pinterest account. Paint some jars. Buy a cigar. Decorate some ugly cookies. Remember that no one wants to be there. 



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