Not live live blog of the Activities Fair

Our awesome whiteboard and awesome PNM.

7:02 – Just got here. Ebba is wearing a cool Blog shirt from SW 2016. It seems like we’re in the “writing area.”

7:08 – Was just informed that things were busier earlier. Kelly had all of our sign-ups on a spreadsheet and we had about 70 names but then he left with his computer, so we were left with a blank spreadsheet. To make it known how popular we are, Ebba signed her name in the 70th spot and scrolled it to the top. Someone tried to sign up and scrolled up :/

7:11 – Someone just came over excitedly, but she’s so confident I can’t tell if she knows other bloggers or not. But it seems like maybe she’s a newcomer?

7:12 – Debating ways to get people to come take a picture with the Blog whiteboard. Should I leave for a few minutes and come back pretending to be a first year excited to have her picture taken with the board?

7:13 – Okay this girl isn’t a newcomer, everyone else knows her.

7:21 – At this point it seems like the Activities Fair is winding down.

7:24 – Ebba is saying hi to someone she knows. He just asked what the Blognonian is! Will he join?

7:25 – Now he’s asking Ebba about her summer and her classes this semester. He’s definitely not a PNM (potential new member). Wow, this is just like the show Greek. Is this what recruitment feels like? Will two frat boys arrive soon to fight over me? Someone in pastel shorts just asked what Blog is! This is just like Greek!!!!

7:29 – Someone just asked what we write about. Should I tell her about my not live live blog? Also, I just discovered we have Krackel chocolates.

7:34 – Should I eat another Krackel chocolate? Would my fellow bloggers be upset? Do we need to save the chocolates for the PNMs?

7:37 – Apparently Ebba was breakdancing earlier. This must be where the 70 names came from.

7:42 – I took another Krackel chocolate.

7:44 – Apparently earlier Kelly and Ebba were shoving starbursts in their mouths earlier and asked a PNM if she would like some as well. She responded “No, I’m going to the gym later.” Also, this was how I found out we have starbursts which I am now shoving in my mouth.

7:47 – Our entire row at the fair is gone and it’s totally dark so we’re signing off.


Image via Ella Comberg ’20.

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