What’s in my bag? (Blog Edition)


Few people on Brown’s campus are quite as powerful and polarizing in the college publication game as Claire Pang. Today, we’re sitting down with Claire for an Blog exclusive. She’ll finally reveal what everyone’s been wondering…what’s in her bag?

We’ll begin with the bag itself. When Claire and I meet in an undisclosed location (for her safety), her knapsack—a FJALLRAVEN KANKEN, handcrafted in the foothills of Sweden by none other than artisan Sven Fjøöøôrd—is slung casually across one shoulder.

She opens it without prompting. She starts taking out items and placing them on the ground, unfazed by dirty grass they lay on. That’s what I love about Claire: her young and effortless energy. 

“Despite my illustrious career, I have to keep myself grounded. What better way to keep up with the times than by bringing the 2002 cult classic Monk. I take the 6 season box set with me wherever I go.”

“I also keep a copy of the Gutenberg Bible with me at all times.” (What you may not know about Pang is that her father read a book once; she likes to stay true to her literary roots.) “Yes, all other copies are in museums. But this one is in my own personal museum of sorts: my bag.”

The bag seems bottomless. Next, she pulls out a bag of King Arthur Flour. “It’s for when I want to break my gluten free diet,” she explains.

This item is a real shocker: “I take this folding chair around with me because it’s easily portable and is a HUGE life-hack. I stand on this chair when I need a little midday pick-me-up.”

She goes on: “This is my number one necessity. It’s really just my go-to stress relief. I take it with me EVERYWHERE. It’s like my cocaine…It’s cocaine.”

“Oh, and how could I forget my favorite Clinique lipstick,” Claire laments, grinning. We’ll always admire her spunk. 

Image via Kelly Carey-Ewend ’19.

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