6 things that definitely threw you off when you came back to campus this fall



  1. 7.90 meal credits: While this one seemed too good to be true at first (free money, am I right??), you probably soon realized that along with the value of a meal swipe, the price of every food item in New England had increased, too. We see you, Brown.
  2. Pho for dinner: This one’s a game changer. Still confused as to why it opens at the same time as the yogurt bowl line (we all have that one questionable friend who eats pho at your Sunday Andrews brunch), but we’re definitely making progress.
  3. Poke bowls: While I’ve never personally tried the phenomenon that is a poke bowl (and no, I’ve never tried sushi. Yes, I’m serious. Stop asking.), my friends won’t shut up about this one. I’m over it.
  4. No more pasta in Andrews: I guess you’re probably okay with this sacrifice if you’re a cult follower of poke bowls, but I know I’m going to miss the slightly-off-tasting-but-also-really-good-but-also-makes-you-nauseous-every-time Andrews pasta very dearly.
  5. Emwool/Mochamp renovation: If you had the misfortune of living in the armpit of Pembroke your freshman year, news of this definitely hit home. You’ve probably already rekindled relationships with your long-lost unitmates over it. New floors AND loftable beds?!? Kids these days will never know hardship.
  6. By Chlo—oh wait. If you’re just a little bit out of the loop like me, you probably came back to campus expecting a brand new By Chloe on the corner, and meanwhile had zero idea about the arrival of UMelt and B. Good (which apparently people have heard of before?). While I’d like to boycott all of Thayer in the name of By Chloe, I can’t help but be a little excited for the arrival of a new restaurant that’s NOT called Baja’s.
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