Brown’s hidden gems, as found by a fresh transfer

Images of food from the Caf at William and Mary, taken on April 14th, 2015.


Transfer, visiting and RUE students bring hundreds of experiences from across the world. We have heaps of reasons for wanting to come to Brown. For my transfer application, I wrote whole essays on why I left my past college to come here. They were all rather logical, filled with things I learned on tours and websites. Now that I’m actually here, I’d like to offer some of the special things that make me giddy about being a Brown student (and a few lil things I miss).

The thing that leaves me most breathless is the concept of dining to-go boxes. At my previous institution, an attempt to leave with anything, even a single banana, would see you shamefully sent right back. Now I can enter our all-you-can-eat halls and leave with everything I can squeeze into a food court takeaway box. No more meticulously planned heists for me! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

But say you’ve somehow gotten tired of eating Ratty waffle fries in bed (improbable). Not only is Thayer and its glories literally less than a minute away, Providence is a wonderfully sized city. Wickenden is practically a stroll, and walking downtown is only a 20 minute journey!! (While you’re there, take a free dance class at AS220.)

If 20 minutes is too long for physical activity (100 percent real some/all days), there are three entirely free ways to meander about without having to exert any of your own energy. Yeah, you read that right: THREE. The Brown Shuttle, RISD Rides, and RIPTA are all free with your Brown ID card; combined, they make you literally an unstoppable getting-around-town machine.

There are few but precious things I miss that Brown does not provide: a microfridge, arctic air conditioning, and an all-night, on-campus diner. BUT, the bottom line is this: Brown has some incredibly awesome shit. If you’re a first-year who had no idea any of this stuff existed, check it out! It’s amazing that we’re here. And to everyone else, if you knew about these, that’s dope. If not, that’s dope. Now you do!! Get out there, take advantage, and appreciate!

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