That time I froze my ID solid…and other misadventures of an introvert during orientation


Alright, so we all know that orientation is draining for everyone involved (even those peppy upperclassmen in matching shirts—I mean, it can’t be easy to pretend to be that excited for an extended period of time). However, orientation is arguably the most draining for those of us who find socializing to be a burden: introverts.




You probably already realize that. But what you may not know is that introverts also have trouble multitasking, and orientation is filled with the need to multitask, mainly because it requires you to constantly do things while also talking to other people. This demand for multitasking basically rendered me useless as a human during my freshman orientation. Want proof? Here are just three of the things that happened during my first few days of college:


I ate an entire American breakfast at The Ratty in the span of seven minutes.

This may not sound like a lot of food for some of you, but for little ol’ me it was quite the accomplishment. I’m talking the whole shabang: eggs from the omelette bar, breakfast potatoes, bacon, french toast, regular toast…and the list goes on. Creating my third-trimester food baby was pretty simple; all I needed was an endless supply of food and continuous conversation the entire time I was choosing what to eat. (My brain can only handle so much.)


I brushed my teeth with Cetaphil cleanser.

Yum. We’ve all been there—you’re not paying attention and suddenly you realize you’re about to put a totally incorrect substance on your toothbrush. But have you ever actually put said substance on your toothbrush and started to brush your teeth? Don’t get me wrong, my mouth is now acne-free, but there are few things more awful than having to stop in the middle of a conversation with your roommate to spit the bubbles out of your mouth.





And lastly…

I froze my ID in a block of ice.

Again, trying to do things while simultaneously talking to people is never a good idea for me, especially when the task involves something as important as my ID. After dinner with my parents, I rolled up to my dorm feeling like an independent woman and thoughtlessly set down my ID on top of my carry-out box. I left the carry-out box (and my ID) in the brand new, over-chilled fridge for two anxiety-filled hours and voila: I had a frozen ID.




The moral of the story is this: Non-introverts, be nice to your introverted friends when you go on new adventures, and make sure they put the right substance on their toothbrush. (Seriously, my mouth still tastes like soap.) And introverts, even when you feel like you’ve totally embarrassed yourself, just remember that at least you’ve never had to tell anyone you couldn’t go out because you had to wait for your ID to thaw.


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