Self-Care for Those Who Don’t Care

*Cue commercial jingle* Does your life look anything like this?



Yeah, I thought so. That’s because you’re a college student (or if names really matter to you, a Brown student). You’re simply unaware of just how human you actually are, and despite numerous clubs and orientation programs bombarding you with “resources,” you just don’t listen (and frankly don’t even care). That is, until you burn out. One day, you’ll just walk out of the Blue Room, muffin in tow, and say:

And I’ll respond:

But it doesn’t have to be this way! So here I am, luring you with through Blog, GIFs, and The Internet™, to take into consideration some options for taking care of yourself. I don’t even work for BWell, but I’m all for what they do. BWell’s self-care suggestions include: deep breathing, regular meditation, visualization, self-massage, and mindful exercise. But what does that mean for you, person very little patience?

Here are some options that even you can (hopefully) incorporate into your very busy lives:

1) Wash your sheets and towels. Just do it, please. You’ll feel better. You’ll be more sanitary and probably have less acne (so you’ll basically be hot).

2) Before you go out, fill a water bottle and leave it next to your bed. Drink some before you pass out and chug it first thing when you wake up. (Bonus if you make your roommate do the same).

3) Listen to Jeff Bridge’s sleeping tapes and get some sleeeeeep.

4) Call your best friend/mom/loved one. I promise, you have enough time in the day. Your reading or problem set can wait a few minutes.

5) Wake up a little bit earlier. This one might seem counter intuitive to getting more sleep, but by giving yourself more time in the morning, you’ll feel more grounded. You’ll be able to have some time to think just for yourself and no one else. Maybe eat breakfast alone, take a long shower, go for a walk, or literally anything else, as long as you’re just being YOU and not dividing yourself into a million pieces to please everyone else.

Take care of yourself, okay? You’re only human.

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