Which statue on Brown’s campus best fits your personality?


Have you ever wandered from statue to statue across campus, wondering which bronze-cast and blue-painted work of art best represents you? If so, read the following descriptions to discover which Brown work of art fits your personality.



Key Traits: Playful, Light-Hearted, Into Tinfoil

Circle Dance 1

Are you whimsical and fun-loving, the go-to friend for crazy weekend plan ideas? Are you creative with everything in your life, from Ratty salad combinations to shortcuts across campus? Do you also enjoy wrapping your entire body in tinfoil and completing a ritual circle dance with similarly tinfoil-covered small children? If so, then Circle Dance is the Brown statue that best describes you. 



Key Traits: Honorable, Attractive, Equestrian


You go to class everyday and take notes on paper because that’s just what you prefer. You work out every morning, whether or not you have a 9 a.m. class. You have a thick head of curly hair, a wardrobe with an emphasis on togas, and a bronze stallion that could stampede half the first-year class. If this description best fits you—and your death also marked the end of the Pax Romana—then Marcus Aurelius is the statue for you!



Key Traits: Impatient, Snappy, Impaled by a Lamp

_E0A4097 website

You don’t like waiting in line at the Blue Room, and you let others know it. Sometimes you sing along to music in the 00 decibels section of the SciLi. You’re a large blue teddy bear, but no one would call you huggable or lovable. If you’re reading this description and nodding along, then Blueno is the Brown statue that best captures your personality.



Key Traits: Hungry, Charismatic, Peaceful


Do you spend most of your days frozen in place mere feet away from the Ratty, unable to go inside and actually experience the profound pleasures of Mediterranean grilled chicken and Tex Mex rice? You might have restored the free Roman Republic, but we’ll never find you bragging about it. If this description sounds familiar, then your Brown statue is Caesar Augustus.



Key Traits: Brave, Loyal, Furry


You’re always by your friends’ side; you would never dare ditch them at a party or head to the club without them at your hip. If necessary, you will fight to protect those you love. You also happen to be very into fishing and enjoy spending time outdoors. If this description fits you, and you also have a thick coat of fur to protect you when the weather gets cold, your Brown statue is Brown Bear.



Key Traits: Big, Grey, Rock-y


Are you a large boulder placed precariously between the branches of a dead tree? If the answer is YES, then Ideas of Stone is the Brown statue for you!


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