What’s in my bag (bird edition)

real bird

Are you a bird who has recently acquired a tote bag? Or perhaps an IFF member who already has one? A RISD student who just really loves single-shoulder pain?

We, at Blog, came into a small fortune of tote bags during our recent sojourn to the Better World x Design conference this past weekend, and we’re here today to tell you how to fill yours…especially if you’re a bird.

You’re going to want start with a layer of grass for your future nests. This is your base: nice, soft grass. Good stuff. If you’re feeling frisky, add a little bit of manure, your binding agent. Then add a hefty load of twigs to mask the stench.

After you’ve finished building your home, you’re going to want to make it cozy. Ever heard of Tiny Furniture, written and directed by Lena “The Lizard” Dunham? Throw in a copy. (Editor’s Note: Did this movie even get a physical release? Wasn’t it distributed solely via streaming platforms? Doesn’t matter. Hit up Sockshare or something, I don’t know. Get that shit on a Memorex. Label it with a Sharpie. Throw it on the pile.)

Now that you’ve built your nest and furnished it, you’re going to want to add some bird-sized decor. What is bird-sized decor, you may ask? We hear Restoration Hardware is having a sale.

It’s time to add some final touches—throw in a full strand of white Christmas lights and you’re ready to go.

Once you’re finished, sling that bag over your tiny bird shoulder and take it for spin. Yes, we realize you’re simultaneously carrying the bag and living in it. We like…didn’t really think this through.

Image via Ella Comberg ’20.

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