Blue Room foods that don’t get enough credit

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Most Brown students have both given and received raving reviews of Blue Room muffins, and have first-hand experience standing in line for sandwiches. We all know about the true bliss of burrito bowls (although now that the V-Dub offers them too, I’m not sure why this is still a thing), and the beauty of Kabob and Curry.

There are, however, many foods in the Blue Room that do not get the love they deserve from us hungry Brown students. If you’re getting tired of the classic options that this establishment provides, don’t fret! This post is here to inspire your taste buds with suggestions of what under-appreciated delicacies you should try next.


Sandwich bowls

First up are the sandwich bowls (or alternatively, salad bowls — although that doesn’t sound as enticing). If you’re feeling healthy, or want to live that fitness-blogger life, go ahead and join that sandwich line. But here’s the catch; instead of ordering bread, ask for a bowl, and benefit from the variety of toppings offered (hello mozzarella and tomato salad!). Now you can feel virtuous about your balanced diet without having to head all the way to Jo’s for your daily intake of greens.



This could be you.


Oreo cheesecake

This one isn’t always available, so if you see it, GRAB IT! This Oreo cheesecake is the best dessert or sweet snack option there is, with pure deliciousness guaranteed. Just trust us on this; you know you want it.


Passion fruit Chobani

This mystical dairy product is a rare sight, and runs out quickly. It’s the breakfast of champions, the Blue Room version of ambrosia. So far no sightings have been recorded at other Brown eateries. The passion fruit Chobani lives solely in the perfectly temperate, centrally-located environment that is the Blue Room.



It’s basically the unicorn of the Chobani universe.


Cheddar and bacon scones 

How to pronounce scones might be debatable, but the tastiness of this snack is not. Cheese and bacon?! They’re the perfect duo. Need I say more?


Pecan rolls

Let your taste buds enjoy the fall season by pairing this treat with some pumpkin spice. What better way to prepare for the pecan pies that lie ahead as you begin your Thanksgiving countdown (PSA: the break is 54 days away)?





You haven’t properly experienced Blue Room Kabob and Curry if you don’t know about the naan. Its soft, fluffy consistency resembles a cloud, and the almost-sweet taste is a perfect balance to the spiciness of curry. Although the authenticity may be questionable, some have been known to buy only naan, and have it as a snack—that’s how good it is.

Confused as to where this dreamy bread is located? You can find it on top of the glass divider that separates you from the food, rolled up and tucked away in a metal basket, emanating warmth and deliciousness.



Actual Blue Room naan. How can you resist?


Images viaviavia, via, and via Julia Bennani-Smires ’20. 

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  1. This is a really good article. I will now try new foods. My favorite blue room food are the cookies.

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