Your Concentration’s Sex Potential

Superbad Home Ec

Ah, to be young and choosing a concentration. So many paths one could take. Some will say, “fuck it,” like it’s decision time at Eastside Marketplace’s fancy cheese counter. Some will shop around and taste every variety of Gruyère. Both options can work. But have you included romance in your strategy? Will you meet your significant other in lecture? Maybe an after-class cuddle on the Quiet Green? Here’s a non-comprehensive guide to a few common concentrations’ sex potential:

A nutty Gruyère; the kind one might find at East Side Marketplace.

Political Science: Your coffee date will cover the current political crisis in Catalonia. If regional independence referendums turn you on, let the motion (and your date!) sweep you off your feet.

Economics: That cute guy or girl in lecture probably interned at UBS this summer and is ready to finally have a life again. Your first date will be at Al Forno. It could also be in a Rock study room figuring out General Equilibrium Theory. Tread very lightly.

Computer Science: I cannot begin to comprehend what such a class entails, but Steve Jobs made computers sexy, so who knows what can happen! #CodeLikeAKloss

Chemistry: You’d be surprised by its potential to create beautiful relationships. Isotopes!! Helium!! Oxytocin!!

English: Intimate discussions. Late night sessions under fairy lights reading the Faerie Queene? “Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear?” Sounds You are obsessed with Love Actually. They hate Richard Curtis passionately. Steer clear, or decide to get the shit kicked out of you by love and go for it.

Visual Arts: This one is really straightforward: “wanna come over after class and draw each other naked? It’s for art.”

Philosophy: “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Now picture your class crush saying that in 8 pm section. Sex in a proverb, right?


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