Staycation! Going abroad while staying in PVD


Are the wonders of Thayer Street just not doing it for you anymore? Is your best friend abroad in Rome and their Instagram in front of the Spanish steps hit you in a particularly sore spot? Are the two men with snakes who wander around near CVS getting particularly frustrating? (Asking for a friend.)

Well, have no fear! Any qualms you may have in regards to not going abroad will soon be gone because a staycation here in Provy can quench any “wanderlust” that may plague you. Marcello-Paddling

Just a 15 minute walk from campus, you can experience the magic of La Gondola. Take a trip through the canals in and around Providence while some eye candy in a striped shirt and straw hat sings sweet, sweet love songs to you and your travel buddies. Expect some confusion, because you’re not even going to know where you are by the end of the whole thing. PVD? Venice? There will be no way to tell.


Wander around near the French American school on John Street (in the least creepy way possible). Keep your distance for sure, but if you happen to be walking by at the right time you may hear small voices chattering in French. Close your eyes for a moment and Tah-Dah! Paris.

St_Joseph_ProvidenceSome people go abroad for the Eat Pray Love experience. If praying and finding a connection to a higher power is what you are looking for, look no further than St. Joseph’s Church Hope Street. It’s a Roman Catholic Church just a 10 minute walk from campus. Hear that? Roman! As in Italy. One could say you would get the same religious experience at St. Joe’s as you would at the Vatican. They wouldn’t say that, but they could.


Instead of the “Mediterranean chicken” at The Ratty, try something more adventurous and take a trip to Tokyo! Tokyo Restaurant of Wickenden that is. Honestly it’s a pretty standard Japanese restaurant, however it’s called Tokyo and when you tell your roommate, “hey I’m going to Tokyo” they may for a split second believe you are going to Japan, so that’s a plus.


If you are really dying to GTFO, head to the Yurt Virtual Reality Room where you can be transported to the streets of a foreign city, to the middle of a museum, or even to the moon. The YURT is located at 180 George Street in the Center for Computation and Visualization. The moon might not be the ideal abroad destination if you were hoping for a socially and culturally immersive experience, but if your only goal is to remove yourself from campus vibes this should do the trick.

So again, if you’re feeling down about having not gone abroad, don’t! We’ve got it all here in Prov.

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