How to take advantage of the long weekend at Brown



It’s the weekend of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and all of your East Coast friends have fled campus to return to the comforts of their apple orchards and the Vineyard Vines sweatshirts they left at home. So, where does that leave you? If you’re still at Brown, get ready to take advantage of all the benefits that come with a slightly emptier campus. Read on to discover some possible plans for the long weekend!


  • Build a fort made out of tables in the basement of the Sci-Li.


  • Take advantage of sweet salad freedom at Jo’s—use the time that you would’ve spent standing in line for a chopped bowl of lettuce to get started on that twenty-page paper due Wednesday!


  • Complete an Ironman triathlon inside the Nelson.




  • Climb on top of Blueno and fall asleep holding his hand (paw?).


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  • Belt out in song on the fourth floor of the Rock.


  • Try out different styles while no one’s here to witness them. Now is the time to determine whether you can really pull off New England sporty-chic.




  • Sit in your dorm room alone and sob until Tuesday morning arrives and everything goes back to normal. Brown just isn’t the same!


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