The real reasons people study CS at Brown

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According to those perky monitors in the lobby of the CIT, computer science has officially beat out economics as the most popular concentration at Brown. But this seems hard to believe coming from a school that’s better known for housing the highest number of a cappella groups per capita of any university in the country than for its stash of computer nerds. So, why does Brown have so many crazy talented coders roaming around? You may think it’s something silly like job security or high initial earnings, but here at Blog, we don’t settle for basic explanations like that—we want the truth. So, without further ado, here are the real reasons people study CS at Brown…


Andy van Dam and Andy from Toy Story are one and the same


andy davis


Sure, you may have heard the legend that so many of Andy’s students went on to work at Pixar that they actually named a character in Toy Story after him, but there’s much more to the story than that. According to our sources, Toy Story Andy is not only named after van Dam, but, through the black box sorcery of computer science, the Brown software engineers at Pixar actually morphed van Dam into a cartoon and then let him loose to play Andy in Toy Story. The only thing cooler than having a professor who’s a computer science genius is having a professor who’s a computer science genius and an iconic toy (and technically kind of an actor, too). 


The grease from the Sun Lab computers makes your hands forever young




Those keys may feel a bit unpleasant to say the least, but, believe it or not, the grease that keeps making your fingers slip actually contains a rare youth serum. Forged by the blood, sweat, and tears of students past, it will keep your hands looking young forever. CS concentrators at Brown know that in a few years, their smooth, soft hands will be perfectly complemented by their wrinkle-less faces, because you can’t get sun spots if you never leave the sun lab! 


Atom’s got mad aesthetic




Humanities concentrators, do your Instagram accounts need spicing up? It can be hard to engage your followers with pictures of black letters on white paper. CS concentrators don’t have this problem—they’ve got Atom, the beautiful text editor used in CS15. Just look at all those pretty colors!!


The CIT is the perfect place to hide

If you haven’t realized this by now, the CIT is not only huge, but also one of the most difficult buildings to navigate on campus. Every floor has a different layout, staircases randomly start and end throughout the building, and the atriums seem to change places every week. CS concentrators know what a perk this is. Ever need to run away from your responsibilities? Just go to the CIT. You can hide out there for weeks, guaranteed.


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