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Hey there, Brown student. Blog wants to acknowledge your pain during this difficult time and let you know that we appreciate all of the hard work you’re doing to prepare for your midterms. So when you’re ready to throw down the books and rest your brain, consider watching some shows from the list we’ve compiled for you. Happy watching!


Mad Men

You think calculus is hard? Imagine being a woman in advertising in 1960s New York City. Humble yourself with a little Mad Men.


Friday Night Lights

Your struggle to memorize all of those econ graphs will be reflected in the struggle of this high school football team as they try to achieve success on the field and in life.






Wish you weren’t stuck in the Rock for a fifth straight hour? Transport yourself from Providence to the snowy Midwest and let your mind deal with concepts easier than physics, like extortion and homicide.




This Is Us

Have you been stuck on the same chemistry problem for an hour? Let your frustrated, hopeless tears transform into joyous, bittersweet ones as you watch this heart-wrenching tale of a family’s struggles and triumphs.


The Great British Baking Show

Did you know that baking a proper cake can be just as hard as completing a ten-page paper on the true meaning of the Enlightenment? And that baking a croissant is even harder?




The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The drama on this show is more convoluted and complex than any knowledge you’ll need for your linear algebra midterm. If you can remember who hit who with a table, then you can definitely remember some math formulas.


Great News

Hopefully, the title of this NBC workplace comedy will reflect the grades you’ll be receiving in a couple weeks!


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