What you should be for Halloween based on your favorite Ratty food


With Halloweekend quickly approaching, the procrastinators among us are beginning to panic. There’s no need to look far for ideas, though. If you’re a Ratty lover (and who isn’t?), this is the last-minute costume guide for you.


Grilled citrus and herb chicken – “cat”


Just add a pair of cat ears to whatever you’re already wearing. Bland and basic, you’re getting the job done without trying very hard.


Fried Southwest black bean burger – pumpkin




A highly underrated dish and costume. Shock the world by bringing back the pumpkin—old school style and How I Met Your Mother style are both acceptable.


Crinkle cut fries – candy corn




Nobody actually likes you, you’re just a stand-in for your vastly superior best friend (@waffle fries).


Salad bar goldfish – Providence biker gang




Nobody really knows what you’re doing here, and we’re all too scared to ask.


Omelet bar – sexy [insert animal here]




Basic yet classic. Expect half the party to be dressed the same as you.


Deli bar sandwich with egg salad with avocado, watercress, and house made potato chip – stay in




This shouldn’t exist, and neither should any costume reminiscent of it. Don’t bother going out.


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