Dos and Don’ts of Halloweek at Brown


It’s almost Halloween, and you’re a freshman at Brown—now what? Read on for some dos and don’ts for your first college Halloweek.


  1. DO wear a costume that gives you an excuse to stay warm.

Yes, it might mean that you have to be one of the Pink Ladies from Grease with a shiny 50s jacket, but at least you won’t catch hypothermia and have to sit out the rest of Halloweek!




  1. DON’T dress up as Blueno.

If you’re looking for a Brown-themed Halloween costume, go for something a little more creative—maybe one of those tinfoil children, or your favorite card-swiper.


  1. DO decorate your dorm room door with fake blood.

Sure, your hall-mates might worry that you were murdered, but isn’t that what Halloween’s all about? Extra points for a fake bloody handprint or two!




  1. DON’T go out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

Yes, it’s HalloWEEK, but you’re also just a human being, and we want you to survive more than two months at Brown.


  1. DO try to communicate with Brown’s ghosts.

If you’ve ever been interested in getting in touch with Brown’s spirits, now is the perfect time. Whip out that Ouija board and head over to the Annmary Brown Memorial!




  1. DON’T culturally appropriate your costume.

No, really…just don’t.


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