How to construct the perfect Halloween Instagram


Halloweek is almost over, and you’ve gathered an arsenal of photos featuring every costume you wore from every night out. It’s time for an Instagram post, but where do you start? Blog is here to help with a how-to guide for posting the perfect Halloween Instagram.


  1. Decide on your angle.

Is this the time to showcase the costume you spent weeks making (or ordered from Amazon weeks in advance)? Or is it the perfect opportunity to display your more whimsical side and whip out some Halloween-themed puns? Once you decide on your angle — serious or humorous — you can move on to the next step.


  1. Decide on the picture(s).

Choose whether you want to post a single photo or a collection, and then search through your camera roll with the eye of an Oscar-winning cinematographer and the determination of a scientist searching for a cure. You’ll know when you find that perfect photo/set of photos that capture the essence of your Halloweek.


  1. Editing, editing, editing!

The length of this step will depend on your editing skills and/or whether you are particularly concerned about that awful pimple showing up in the photo because your friend turned on the flash (thanks a lot, Nicole!). Feel free to use any filters that create a Halloween vibe!


  1. Caption is everything.

What kind of caption person are you? Do you prefer short and sweet, or long and meaningful? Do you believe in a good hashtag, or are you partial to emojis? No matter what, we recommend that you include the phrases “Halloweekend,” “spooky,” “scary,” and “boo” somewhere in your caption. 


  1. Location and pressing that SHARE button

Where were you this Halloweek? Yes, you were literally located in Providence, Rhode Island, but you may want to go for something a little more fun for your location on Instagram. How about Satan’s Kingdom, an insane asylum, or the basement of the Ratty?

Finally, when this step is over, it’s time to take a deep breath, sacrifice yourself to the ghosts of Halloweek, and press that SHARE button. Blog salutes you for all of your hard work!


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