How to deal with the ever-changing temperatures


It’s that magical time of year when you decide to wear a sweater to brace for the morning chill, only to regret every decision you’ve ever made when walking down Thayer in a full on sauna sweat by 1pm. Typically we can cope with this wardrobe dilemma by simply suffering for a few short weeks, but in these uncertain times of prolonged unpredictable weather, Blog is here to provide some suggestions that might help you navigate these tricky temp changes.




1. Tear aways! Tear aways are the perfect item of clothing for times like these. Who has time to go home and change anyways? Wear a pair of shorts underneath so when temperatures begin to rise you can rip those babies off in one swooping motion. You’ll be giving off strong “Clark Kent being called to action” vibes. Need I say more?


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2. If you’re more of a DIY type, try pulling a Michael Scott Survivor Man. If you don’t know what I’m referencing, check out season 4 episode 11 of The Office. Dress as warmly as you like in the morning, throw a pair of scissors in your backpack, and when the heat sets in, get creative by cutting off the sleeves of your shirt and the legs of your pants. Tie the severed pieces of clothing around your head, neck, and waist, and when night falls upon us and its suddenly winter again, have no fear, they can all be easily reattached with duct tape.




3. Take advantage of this layering and delayering with fitness gains. What does layers plus a huge back pack equal? Strong quads and and engaged back. Wear a tank top, under a t shirt, under a long sleeve, under a sweater, under a jacket when you leave in the morning. Challenge yourself! You’ll be snug as a bug on your way to your 9 a.m., and get a sick leg and core work out on your way home after your 12 p.m. with your travel pack filled with your entire closet.




4. Take shelter. This is the most sure fire way of avoiding any uncomfortable wardrobe choices. If you are one of the few lucky humans who can enjoy the cool AC in the comfort of your own home, for god’s sake don’t leave, but if you’re house/dorm temperatures are at the will and bay of the sun, take shelter in safe zones like Starbucks, the Sci-Li, the Blue Room, and in the shadow of Blueno.


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