Can’t-Miss Spots for your Boston day trip!

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It’s November. Midterms are over, or just beginning, depending on what forsaken course load you’ve decided to heap upon yourself this semester. There aren’t too many parties happening on campus, what with Halloween just past, and the promise of Thanksgiving weekend looming in the distance. What, oh what, can you do to pass the time, keep a sense of fun and spontaneity well into cuffing season, and make your way out of the Brown bubble perhaps? (First-years, I’m looking at you.) The answer is an MBTA ticket away. Boston, baby.

And lucky for you, I’ve rounded up all the spots you must see when you visit, so you don’t have to worry about your itinerary whatsoever.

shack newbury

Shake Shack – Newbury Street

Your first stop in one of our nation’s most storied and historic cities is right in the middle of it all. Shopping, snacking, and the general need to see-and-be-seen are what happens on Newbury Street. After you stop at a mom-and-pop boutique or grab an artisanal hot cocoa, head over to Shake Shack, at 234 Newbury St., and you won’t be disappointed. With such a wide menu to choose from, I’ll help you out. ShackStack, no lettuce, no tomato, cheese fries, and a large draft root beer. Check out what their pie of the day is and grab a Pie Oh My! concrete if you’re feeling up for it. I won’t tell.

shack seaport

Shake Shack – Boston Seaport

Once you’ve made your way through the old Back Bay Shake Shack, it’s time to check out something that is rivaled by few other landmarks on the east coast—the Shake Shack on the Boston Harbor. Still serving your classic ShackStack (no lettuce, no tomato upon request), you can enjoy an order of cheese fries and a large draft root beer here while you take in the views of the beautiful Charles river. And if that’s not enough for you, feel like a Mass. local when you order a Pie Oh My! concrete, featuring the pie of the day.

shack harvard

Shake Shack – Harvard Square, MA

Just a few T stops away you’ll reach Harvard Square, and the Shake Shack there. Sure, Brunonia loves a friendly rivalry, but what relationship isn’t made better by an order of cheese fries aside a ShackStack? You and some Harvard-goer (what’s their mascot?) might become better friends when you order a large draft root beer with two straws, or when you order “no lettuce, no tomato.” Consider that? By the end of the day, you’ll be touring the oldest campus in America, Pie Oh My! concrete in hand, wondering how you ever let our sister city slip by.

mfa boston

Museum of Fine Arts – Boston, MA

The MFA was founded in 1870 and moved to its current location in 1909. The fourth largest museum in the world, the building houses collections stemming from across millennia, including ancient artifacts, the Art of the Americas wing, and frequent rotating exhibits. Visit soon and you’ll be able to catch “Takashi Murakami: Lineage of Eccentrics,” a collaboration between the museum and Nobuo Tsuji. Truly, the MFA is a can’t-miss stop on your citywide extravaganza.

shack boylston

Shake Shack – Chestnut Hill, MA

A bit out of the way at 49 Boylston St, Newton, MA sits the Chestnut Hill Shake Shack. While you may need to take an Uber (you’ll want to split this one) to get to this ‘Shack, you won’t regret the trip. Tucked away outside of the city center, you can enjoy a ShackStack without the hustle and bustle of the big city. No lettuce, no tomato, no stress! Your cheese fries and large draft root beer come with a great view of the bustling Route 9, and, depending on how tightly you cling to those five-star reviews, you might even be able to enjoy a Pie Oh My! concrete on the ride back. Just be sure to inform your driver of the pie of the day—it’s only the right thing to do.

So when you find yourself stuck in an echo chamber that sounds a lot like, “What are you doing this Saturday?” remember these tips, and you’ll find yourself answering confidently, “I’m heading out—of my comfort zone.”

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