Brown Dank Stash of Memes: A critical review

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Inhale the memes
Exhale the memes
Inject the memes into my bloodstream
There are good memes, and there are bad memes
Why has God abandoned us?

– Meme Machine by Pink Guy


BDSML Every adequately tech-competent Brown student knows what it is. The Brown Dank Stash of Memes is a great escape during midterm season, the most entertaining time-passer at the party you don’t really want to be at, and the perfect place to trash that PLME student you never really liked. But how often do any of us really stop to critically consider the memes we are exposing ourselves to on a daily basis?


The answer is, not often enough. So without further ado, I present to you a review of the 5 most popular meme sub-types on the BDSM (as of this November)

1. Meta-PLME memes

Context: There were so many (completely misleading) memes about PLMEs that people had to start making memes about how many PLME memes there were. (Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either.)

Dankness rating: 4.20

Pros: Hyper self-aware meme

Cons: Derivative meme, lacks originality




2. RIPTA memes

Context: The RIPTA buses announce when they make turns. The angelic choir of the RIPTA buses has captured the heart of many: “Bus made the first move when they hit me with that “caution bus is turning” message. My heart skipped so many beats (all the beats) as our conversation, which comprised of mostly GIFS of buses turning, continued.”- Rose Carrilo, The Tab 

Dankness rating: 6.66

Pros: Easy meme to grasp

Cons: Highly repetitive



3. CS memes

Context: CS student memes are like second-hand PLME memes. (Except CS student memes aren’t grossly overdone, while PLME memes have been compared by experienced memers to BDSM flogging a dead horse)

Dankness rating: 9

Pros: Fresh, funny, great variety

Cons: Will probably grow old soon

CS 1



4. Blueno


Context: Well, an image is worth a thousand words. Here’s a picture of the famous (and extremely expensive) blue bear rented out to Brown University:

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 3.28.02 PM

Dankness rating: 10

Pros: The ironic memes about how much we love Blueno allow us to disguise how much we hate him for cutting into potential financial aid.

Cons: Are there any?


5. Morning mail memes

Morning Mail 2


Context: Brown’s oldest news source, Morning Mail, was recently replaced by Today@Brown, an email service that suspiciously looks a lot like Morning Mail but is widely regarded as inferior.

Dankness rating: 6.9

Pros: Great variety and possibilities

Cons: Constant reminder of Morning Mail, can lead to unbearable feelings of sadness and nostalgia

Morning Mail


Image sources: Brown Dank Stash of Memes

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