Spring 2018 Course Superlatives


It’s that time of year again — pre-registration for the spring semester has arrived. But there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed: Blog is here with a guide to all of what Spring 2018 has to offer. Browse through our comprehensive list of course superlatives for the spring semester and plan your perfect schedule.


  • Worst class to arrive late to: CLPS 1130 Psychology of Timing
  • Best class for finding THE (toga’d) ONE: CLAS 1750N Marriage in the Ancient World
  • Best baby-related metaphor: EDUC 0620 Cradle of Inequality: The Role of Families, Schools, and Neighborhoods
  • Worst class to have right before lunch: ENGL 1180C Advanced Creative Nonfiction: Writing with Food
  • Best class to confuse your friends: CLPS 1381D Topics in Phonology: Lenition
  • Best use of a rhetorical question: MCM 1505O Does Utopia Still Exist? Media, politics and the hope of something else
  • Worst class to fall asleep in: CLPS 1580E Perception, Attention, and Consciousness
  • Best class to vape in: PHP 1610 Tobacco, Disease and the Industry: cigs, e-cigs and more
  • Best class if you’re a mermaid: URBN 1870S The City, the River, and the Sea: Social and Environmental Change at the Water’s Edge
  • Best class about your plans to go to the gym: ANTH 0130 Myths Alive


Happy pre-registering!


Image via Kelly Carey-Ewend ’19.

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