US News presents: Best Providence Preschools


US News and World Report has long kept a list of the country’s top colleges, high schools, and graduate schools. This has clearly left a large chunk of the rankings market all but untouched. At last, in order to let students worry about their academic careers from as early as two years of age, US News has just released a list of the top five best preschools in Providence, Rhode Island.

5. Darlington Early Childhood Center

The ivy-covered campus of Darlington Early Childhood Center, or DECC, is a Providence-renowned under-under-under-undergraduate institution. A liberal arts preschool, DECC hopes to give students a multifaceted tool belt as they move into kindergarten; students learn language arts, social studies, creative arts, science, mathematics and nutrition. Students can choose to major in a variety of subjects, from “Playtime” to “An Orwellian Analysis of the Use of the Crayon in 16th Century Europe.” Graduate responses were extremely positive, with many students successfully muttering “What?” when asked about their experience at DECC.

4. Bright Horizons Family Center

Bright Horizons, located on the elegant Blackstone Boulevard, offers a rich campus life and “an engaging, flexible curriculum.” The family center has some of the best value out of any Providence preschool, with multiple alumni making over $5 an hour within 10 years of graduating. While the Center does not have any NCAA Division I teams, school spirit is still extremely high on campus. Miss Jolie, who transferred to Bright Horizons from Cornell after continually getting disappointed with how easily distracted students were, is said to run snack time better than any other teacher in the country.

3. Moses Brown Preschool

The Moses Brown Preschool, affiliated with to prestigious Moses Brown middle and high schools, offers diverse and well-resourced curricular options. The three subjects first taught at this Quaker-based institution are Math, STEM, and Science, in order to best prepare its students for a robot-overrun future. There is no difference in tuition between in-state and out-of-state students, with many parents saying that they heavily regret taking out tens of thousands of dollars in student loans to send their child to this school. Nevertheless, the campus is one of the safest in Providence with a 0% crime rate in the preschool every year since its founding.

2. Child’s Play Cooperative Preschool

The inviting campus of Child’s Play Cooperative Preschool has academic, social, and organizational advances far beyond that of any other institution. The school has a unique model: utilizing parent interaction in order to better spread learning beyond the classroom. According to Child’s Play, they place “materials and items” where they’re “easily seen and accessible”, a major innovation in preschool classroom design. The school’s methods are clearly effective, as demonstrated by the fact that alumni have gone into various lines of work. These include elementary school, elementary school, as well as elementary school at the five-year mark after graduation.

1. East Side Nursery School

East Side Nursery School, a private institution located on Wayland Avenue, gives the feeling of campus intimacy while still providing access to a large city. Its curricular design, focused on “learning through play,” gives unsure students the structure that they need to be able to enter the workforce as soon as they graduate (and go through 17 more years of schooling). The most popular student organization on campus is the East Side Peek-A-Boos, which meets every Monday through Friday and is always surprised when there’s a face behind those two hands. The adult-to-child ratio of the institution is 1:6, exemplifying East Side’s focus on personal attention in the classroom. Overall, this prestigious school remains unbeaten because of its large, yet still tight-knit alumni network as well as its incredibly vibrant choice in wall colors.


Disagree with these rankings? Did you go to a preschool that you thought was great? Well, that’s just too bad—these five are the only ones anyone is going to care about for the next hundred years.
Note: The methodology was completely unbiased, only taking into account factors such as graduation rate, academic reputation, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, alumni giving rate, and how much each institution paid US News to write favorably about them.


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