Laptop Stickers: a rundown


The laptop, a silver (or occasionally black) box with keys and a screen. Boring, right? Yet Brown students have found a solution to this intolerable monotony; stickers. A fuck-ton of them. Laptop exteriors have transformed libraries, coffee shops, and lectures at Brown into exhibits of masterpiece collages. Like your go-to GCB order, these deeply personal artworks are a window into a person’s mind. It can be overwhelming.  Here’s a moderately comprehensive guide to interpreting your crush on the Rock second floor’s eclectic sticker display.

The varsity athlete:

Simple, Bruno fucking everywhere. #laxlife #spoons #sesh #lift #nelson

We love “shooting around” but not as much as you do.


The hometown hero:

“Springfield High Student Senate 2016/17”

 They were prom king/queen (is this still actually a thing??? –a confused Jewish Day School graduate).

student council


The liberal activist:

 Bernie bro holdouts unite! “Bernie 2016” takes center stage, while Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, ACLU and Greenpeace dot the periphery of this beautifully political composition.





The Politics Nerd:

They are in Watson. They are on BPR. Identifying stickers ensure that strangers can go up and ask, “Dude did you read what the transportation minister of Kyrgyzstan wrote on Twitter??”




The outdoorsy environmentalist:


They love walking up mountains with heavy backpacks. Maybe climbing, too. They adore the earth, and just want everyone else to also. #BOLT

Hike moreplanet b


That campy person:

 “Waterfront Staff 2016.” Camp is for the counselors. Summer 4ever.  

camp 1camp 2



The artsy snob:
*Tapes Matisse postcard to outside of computer.* Does that make it a collage of a collage?. Lmk #confused.




The International Student:

*insert flag.*

“I’m in!”





The Republican/right winger:


“2nd Amendment!”

“Brown Republicans”

This is based on rumors, dm if a real specimen is located.


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