Finals Foraging – what to eat this week (WTETW)

This is the photo that comes up when you Google Image search BioMed. Thanks BlogDailyHerald circa 2015!

You’re stuck in the library and out of Bear Bucks, but you need to eat. Here’s what to eat this week.

  • Gather leaves and toast them under the BioMed heaters
  • Eat the cigarette butts from outside the Rock
  • Pick through the Rock carrel trash cans and scoop out bread crusts and tea bags that others have left behind
  • Lick the cleaning fluid off of the Faunce floors
  • Chalk from Salomon classroom white boards
  • There’s not enough time to read the textbook for your class so just eat it
  • Pick as much ripe produce as you can from the UEL before it’s gone
  • Trap and eat one of the Pembroke rabbits

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 6.58.17 PM


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