A message from the Naked Donut Run coordinators


Disclaimer: Below is a message not from Blognonian itself but from the NDR Coordinators, who wanted to post a public statement addressing concerns while simultaneously announcing a compromise.


In light of recent posts on Brown Bears Admirers, it has come to the attention of the NDR coordinators that there has been a breach in safe spaces at Brown by our activities. It is important for us to acknowledge these concerns head on and evolve as an event, since our primary motivation lies in serving the greater Brown community.

Having survivors of sexual assault and rape within the NDR participants, we highly value the importance of maintaining the safety and mental wellbeing of other survivors. However, safety of our participants remains a top priority for the coordinators. In recent years, the NDR has become increasingly publicized and dangerous for participants. With social media outlets such as Snapchat, the identities and safety of the members are now highly jeopardized during each run. For this reason, we regretfully cannot publicly declare ahead of time when the run will take place.

In order to make the NDR a more inclusive and safe event for all those involved, this year we are delineating safe zones that will be off limits to our runners: The Rock – Absolute Quiet Room (Level A) and The Scili – Floors 4, 5, and 6. We hope that this can ease the mind of survivors within the Brown community and protect participants while maintaining the fun of anticipation for others.

As a reminder to the rest of the Brown community: we would like to emphasize the importance of respecting the runners by not recording, snapping, or posting any images of the event. The coordinators have been diligent in our efforts to increase the representation of different races and body types this year. We would like to remind all that this event is a celebration of body positivity and a concerted effort to de-stigmatize and desexualize bodies. Please join us in this effort by being respectful and sympathetic of the runners’ vulnerability. Wishing everyone a smooth sailing finals, may our donuts bring you some relief.


The NDR Coordinators, 2017-2018

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