Senior vs. First-Year Resolutions for the Spring Semester


Whether you’re a grizzled senior or a still-fresh first-year, it’s likely that you’re entering the spring semester with a brand-new attitude and a whole list of things you’d like to do differently. To help you on your journey to self-actualization at Brown, Blog collected a list of some possible goals below. Read on for first-year and senior spring semester resolutions:


Senior: Get EMSed one last time. It’s now or never!

First-Year: Stay in one night every weekend learning a new craft. Macramé, anyone?


Senior: Enjoy Senior week activities

First-Year: Get an internship before finals start


Senior: Lament about having so little time left at Brown

First-Year: Count down the days until your first internship


Senior: Complete the SciLi challenge

First-Year: Get a seat in the SciLi basement on a Monday night



Senior: Finally take three classes.

First-Year: Finally take five classes.


Senior: Take at least one class not S/NC

First-Year: Get straight A’s in all five classes (one B is acceptable but not encouraged)


Senior: Explore what Providence has to offer (bars)

First-Year: Eat one meal off-campus. Does Andrews count?


Senior: Finally do Louie’s challenge

First-Year: Pretend that you know where Louie’s is and that you’ve been there before (delicious…muffins, am I right?)

Louis Family Restaurant


Senior: Go to Piano Bar

First-Year: Learn how to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the piano


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