How to find your BBA in time for Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day looming ever-closer, people are turning more and more to the platform that shy Brown students use to express their ardent devotion to their MCMs or WCWs. You guessed it! I’m talking about the Brown Bears Admirers Facebook page. Most people lucky enough to get noticed, though, are doomed to spend the rest of their semesters searching for their admirers. (Or at least the first five minutes after their best friend tags them in a post.) However, here are some tips for those of you who are determined to find your BBA!

  • Skywriting

Sure, this could potentially be expensive, but hey, if you can afford that Canada Goose Jacket, then why not spend money on something that could actually make you feel warm and cosy inside? Besides, advertising your search for your BBA may just be all the encouragement they need to step forward!

Or, you could use it to drop a subtle hint about possible Valentine's Day gifts.
Or, you could use it to drop a subtle hint about possible Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • Hire a Mariachi band to follow you around

Or better yet, have them record a track and play it over the speakers at the Andrews Dining Hall. Finding suitable lyrics could be slightly challenging, but not entirely impossible. For example- Hey Admirer 22566, hit me up for a nice quick fix.


  • Design a graphic shirt with the post printed on it

Okay, maybe a shirt that says 22643 – Am I the only one who feels invisible on this campus?  may not attract the right kind of attention… but on the bright side, there’ll be so many people staring at your shirt that you won’t feel invisible anymore.


  • Hire a camera entourage to follow you everywhere

That way you can get together with your friends later and analyse the body language of everyone around you in depth:

“Oh my God, he looked at me for over 3 seconds and smiled. Do you think he wrote the post?”



  • Be your own BBA

For those of you who post about yourselves, you’re lucky enough to already know who your BBA is. Good for you! You’re a strong, independent Brown student (or at least someone bored enough to lurk on the BBA page) who don’t need no Admirer.


  • And if you’re one of those people who’s still waiting for their first ever BBA?

Skip all of these steps by finding your ~perfect match~ at Brown with Datamatch! There are still four days to fill out the survey. Maybe you’ll match with the crush you’ve always secretly fantasized writing a BBA about…




Images viavia, Brown Bears Admirers’ Facebook Page, and Datamatch 

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