The Blognonian is an independent student publication brought to you by the former staff of BlogDailyHerald. We are a student life blog dedicated to delivering news to the College Hill community and being your go-to source for all things Brown relevant. By Brown relevant, we mean everything from study breaks (a.k.a the new Beyoncé video), to what your professors think about current affairs, to how to flirt in big lectures. If there’s something we should be covering and we’re not, let us know at

We strive to serve as a platform in which all Brown students feel represented. On today’s campus, a student life blog needs to be accessible and relatable. It has to be thoughtful and intentional in everything that it does and publishes. It should resonate for every student, regardless of race, gender, class, body or sexuality. As your source of campus news, we will work persistently to be the blog that you want to read.

We want you to join us! Whether that means joining our staff or being a reader, we want to serve you and your needs.  Email to learn more about how you can join our writing, video, photo, or graphics team.


Allison Gordon 

Managing Editors
Ebba Brunnstrom
Kelly Carey-Ewend

Deputy Managing Editors
Ethan Rosenberg

Cashen Conroy
Kyra Goldstein

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Claire Pang


Sydney Anderson

Emma Weiss

Kevin Haggerty

Sophie Ulene

Elliott Lehrer

Ella Comberg

Anthony DeRita
Jackson Cantrell
James Damore
Casey Clifford
Cori Wiliams

Kahini Mehta
Adam Vieira

Graphics Goddess
Izzy Teran

Photo Team

Riley Hughes

Zev Isenberg

Larissa Dorne

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